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Raghu International School

Raghu International School strives to be the best school in the region.

Raghu International School strives to be the best school in the region where education encompasses academics, values, culture, sports and every aspect of the life of an individual, so that when a child grows up, he/she is well prepared to face the challenges of life and prevail in every scenario he/she will face.

  • Active Learning
  • Books & Library
  • Learning & Fun


At Raghu International, children are taken on regular field trips to places such as the post office, aquarium, railway station, bus stops, airport, museum, zoo, etc. breaking the barriers of books and the four walls of the classroom as it supports and enhances their learning experience. As a result children at Raghu International actually know and learn more than what just books can teach them, instead of hammering knowledge into their heads.


Child is the father of Man.

In order to contribute to a happy parenting experience, at Raghu International you will become a part of workshops on topics of common concerns like disciplining, healthy parent child communication, nutrition for the toddlers and preschoolers, physical growth and development, etc., under our unique “Parental Skill Enhancement Series”. Also, we welcome Parents to participate as volunteers on field trips, for Library hours or any activity at school community benefits from.

Raghu International School
infrastrucure Raghu International School


Raghu International School

Ergonomically designed specious and child-friendly interiors translate our beliefs into actual environment that encourages children to receive enormous stimuli when enhancing their sensory motor learning. Raghu International School is a step ahead with one of the best infrastructure in the city, complete with a

  • Sprawling 4 Acre Campus
  • Age Specify Themed Class Rooms(Doll Room, Activity Room, Music & Dance Room etc.)
  • Smart Classes
  • Gymnasium
  • Sand Pit
  • Outdoors Play Area
  • Nursery for Plants
  • Mini Auditorium
  • Well Stocked Library
  • Computer Lab with Age Specify Software
  • Mind Power Lab
  • Audio Visual Room
  • Science, Mathematics & Language Lab
  • Role Play Area & Small Traffic Park
  • Splash Pool(Proposed)

Besides of course the well-ventilated class rooms.

Our Mission

Get children to paint or paste people they love onto a big mural artwork and then display this in wall of Eduma.Invite locals to come and visit Eduma kindergarten and learn about what this awesome school have to offerChildren can plant a tree and then look after 'their' tree for the rest of the year.